Councillors called to take financial responsibilty if co-option case is successful

A date for the hearing of a High Court action against Donegal County Council over a recent co-option will be set on Thursday
Solicitor Dessie Sheils has been granted a judicial review in the High Court over the co-option of Michael McBride to replace Senator Jimmy Harte.
Dessie Sheils, who unsuccessfully contested the recent General Election as an indepedent, argues that the council seat should have been filled by a non-party candidate as Senator Harte was a independent when he was elected.
The Labour Party insists that Councillor McBride was not a member of any party when he was co-opted in May of this year.
Yesterday Councillors formally gave the county manager the Ok to defend the action.
In a statement released to Highland Radio news Mr Shiels says he is very suprosed that Donegal County Council has agreed for public monies to be spent making a defence of the proceedings.
He says he is suprised that no councillor has publicly commented on the situation.
Mr Sheils has called on County Councillors to now personally agree to indemnify Donegal County Council and the electorate against any legal fees, costs and witness expenses which may be incurred by Donegal County Council in the High Court Proceedings.
He says if Councillors have collectively agreed to defend serious High Court proceedings on a matter of electoral law and democracy, then they should also now assume collective personal responsibility for any legal costs incurred by Donegal County Council


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