A-Ceart founder hits out at Judge’s “condemnation” of Donegal drivers

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A prominent road safety campaigner in Donegal has hit out at comments made by Judge John O’Hagan this week, saying it’s time for encouragement rather than condemnation.
Judge O’Hagan referred this week to the disease of dangerous driving in Donegal, which seems worse here than in any other county in Ireland. He said he sees “doughnuts” on the road every night as he travels back to his hotel.
However, speaking to Greg Hughes on today’s Shaun Doherty Show, Mary Clinton, founder of A-Ceart, said the comments are not helpful at a time when the situation in Donegal is improving.
She accepts doughnuts are a particular issue, but says the statistics show fatalities in Donegal this year are slightly below the national average, and that trend needs to be encouraged……….



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