Letterkenny General Junior Doctor failed competence test abroad

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It is reported today that simple background checks were not carried out on an incompetent junior doctor who secured work here in Donegal despite having already failed a competence test abroad.
The junior doctor, who was hired to work at Letterkenny General hospital,  had already failed an exam for a similar job abroad.
According to the Irish Independent 31 year-old Dr Asia Ndaga, who qualified as a doctor in Romania in 2008, did not get enough points in a multiple-choice entrance exam for acceptance to a training post in one of that country’s hospitals.
Despite this, she was able to secure a post as senior house officer at Letterkenny General Hospital  last year.
She was dismissed after just six weeks.
A recent fitness-to-practise inquiry revealed how Dr Ndaga could not even take a pulse reading and had difficulty communicating with patients in English.
The revelations are to have raised anxiety levels amongst patients as the HSE struggles to fill junior-doctor positions across the country.


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