Woman attacked in her home in Strabane

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A woman has been slightly injured in a robbery at her home in Strabane
Police say the woman was confronted by the man when she walked into the kitchen.
The man, who spoke with a Southern Irish accent went for her handbag and a short struggle ensued before he struck her on the head.
The robber is described as being tall and well built, bald on top with hair tightly shaved at the sides.
He had a full thick ginger/brown beard and a tattoo on the lower part of his right arm. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with a dark logo on the front and grey tracksuit bottoms.
Meanwhile, in County Derry, police are investigating the attempted theft of an ATM  from a post office in Dungiven.
Three masked men broke a window and door, tied a chain around the ATM, secured it to a stolen 4×4 and attempted to pull the machine from the wall. They eventually fled empty handed.


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