Donegal man guilty of “disgusting behaviour” in Derry

A Donegal man who was caught performing an indecent act in his car twice within days seemed to have ‘an obsession with this particular form of deviancy’ according to District Judge Barney McElholm.
35 year-old Gavin Porter of Grange, Inch Island,  admitted two charges of indecent exposure in May this year he also pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol on May 15.
The court was told that on May 15 security staff at Magee University saw Porter in a car performing an indecent act.
The court heard the the car was similar to one that had been reported two days earlier for a similar incident.
Police were called and when they spoke to Porter he said he had been watching a football match.
Police detected alcohol and when tested Porter was found to be over the legal limit.
Police examined CCTV and said that Porter could clearly be seen performing the indecent act in the car.
When interviewed Porter admitted the indecent exposures.
A defence solicitor told the court that Porter apologised for ‘this disgusting behaviour’ and he had been frank with the police.
District Judge Barney McElholm said that Gardai had spoken to Porter about similar behaviour but no charges had followed.
He said the defendant seemed to have an obsession with this sort of behaviour which he described as ‘bizarre’.
He sentenced Porter to five months in prison suspended for three years and ordered him to sign the sex offender’s register for seven years.
He also disqualified from driving for a year and fined him £200.
He warned Porter that if he appeared again on any sex offences he would go straight to prison.