Taxi driver assaulted over a £3 fare

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard today how a man assaulted a taxi driver after arguing over the fare with him.
San McCormich (26) of 8, Balbane Pass in Derry was charged with assaulting the taxi driver n May 21 this year.
The court was told that the taxi was parked in the city centre when McCormick approached and asked to be taken to Creggan. He asked what the fare would be and when he was told £3 he started arguing.
The taxi proceeded towards Creggan but McCormick persisted in arguing and eventually the driver stopped and asked McCormick to gt out.
At this stage McCormick became aggressive and swung out hitting the driver on the side of the head. The driver tried to get McCormick out of the car but he continued to behave aggressively.
The incident ended when another taxi stopped to offer assistance and McCormick walked away. The driver followed and was able to tell police what house he went into.
At interview McCormick admitted being asked to get out and swinging at the driver but denied injuring him.
Defence solicitor Mr. George Copeland said that his client had been at a stag do and had been drinking for several hours.
He said he had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.
Deputy District Judge Mervyn Bates said that McCormick had a previous conviction for assaulting police.
He bound him over to keep the peace for 12 months on his own recognisance of £500. He also ordered him to pay the taxi driver £300 in compensation.