New Drink Drive limits to come into effect next month

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The Road Safety Authority is rejecting claims that the new drink-driving regime sends out the wrong message.
Changes to drink-driving legislation come into force next month and will see the breath test limit being reduced. However, there won’t be an automatic ban attached to the lower limit.
Gardaí will also be given new powers under the new legislation.
They’ll be able to impose three penalty points and an on-the-spot fine of 200 euro for motorists who are caught slightly above the new legal limit of 50 milligrams.
Susan Grey of the Donegal based road safety organisation PARC says it’s sad to see that people caught over the limit won’t receive an automatic ban, but accepts it may deter people from chancing one drink. However, she’s critical that the ban for people caught between 80 and 100 milligrams will be reduced to six months.


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