Quigley’s Point community centre dispute continues

A dispute continues in Quigley’s Point between a play group and management of the local community centre which is said that have split the community down the middle.
On Firday a large group of people staged a protest over claims management of the building terminated a lease with the Children’s Point Childcare group unfairly.
That is a claim rejected by the centre’s management.
Both sides in the dispute have released statements on the matter.
A Spokesperson for the CPCL group said those protesting at the weekend were subjected to the most frightening action by a large crowd of people outside the centre banging on the windows and shouting abuse.
However the community centre’s board of directors tell a different story – they say the Children’s Point Childcare Group commandeered their playrooms and staged a community protest.
They added that the action justifies the decision, taken in April, to not renew their group’s lease.
There is no resolution in sight to the dispute, however it is understood that members from the Donegal County Childcare association will visit both parties soon with a view to finding a solution.


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