Donegal rugby prospect described by Judge as a ‘spoiled brat’

A 19 year old Donegal man who has won a place on the IRFU’s development programme for Leinster has been detained by a judge who called him a spoiled brat.
Darragh Farragher from Kinroose, Donegal Town  was remanded in custody to St Patrick’s Institution for five days by Judge Kevin Kilrane before sentencing for previous offences.
The judge recalled that while awaiting sentence for those offences, which he admitted,c Farragher continued to become involved in trouble.
The judge recalled that in July last year, Farragher assaulted Darragh Sweeney and broke two front teeth and caused lacerations that required 13 stitches
While before the courts on that matter in May, Farragher engaged in violent behaviour when he lunged at patrons leaving a club in Donegal town. Judge Kilrane added that in July, some days after pleading guilty to very serious charges, he caused a fracas to such an extent that gardai had to use pepper spray on him.
Judge Kilraine commented “He is a spoilt brat. He must be stopped.”
At a previous hearing, the judge said he was considering whether to order Farragher to do 240 hours community service, or to be imprisoned for four months.
The judge said today that after the continued misbehaviour he needed more time to consider what sentence he should impose, and in the meantime, Farragher was to be remanded in custody until next Monday.
Donegal District Court was told that Farragher was hoping for a future as a professional rugby player or a coach but got into trouble when he drank infrequently.