Donegal to mark World Suicide Prevention Day

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Tomorrow is World Suicide Prevention Day, with a number of events taking place in Donegal, including the release in Buncrana of several Chinese Lanterns representing people who have been lost.
Meanwhile, the HSE says it is stepping up its delivery of two suicide prevention courses throughout the county, and is trying to ensure that all communities have members who are trained in suicide prevention.
Suicide Resource Officer Anne Sheridan says the HSE in Donegal has some of the most skilled, professional and committed trainers in the country.
She’s been outlining what the the courses entail:

Clerical abuse in the Catholic Church is set to dominate proceedings at a conference on suicide prevention, taking place in Dublin this morning.
Last weekend, the Vatican’s reaction to the Cloyne report was criticised by victims groups – which accused the Holy See of failing to take adequate responsibility for its role in the scandal.
Father Aidan Troy believes the hurt caused to victims has been compounded by the Vatican’s response:


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