AA poll shows37% of Donegal people would confront an intruder in their home burglar

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A new survey shows that 37% of people in Donegal would confront an intruder in their home.
The statistic is contained in an AA Home Insurance poll of over 13,000 people shows that on average, across the country, 31% would confront or attempt restrain a prowler.
The survey also shows that 39% of Donegal respondents would hide and try and phone the Gardaí, a quater of people of Donegal people would yell and hope to scare the intruder out of their property then alert the Gardaí
17.5 % of people in this county would attempt to restrain the intruder until the Gardaí arrive.
Women are far less prepared to confront a burglar.
6.1% of females said they would order a burglar from their property compared to 27.7% of men.
Just 2.3% of  women surveyed said they would even dream of trying to hold down a intruder whereas 19.8% of men said they believed it would be their probable course of action.


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