British Army offers rare apology to family of 1971 shooting victim

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In what the Pat Finucane Centre is describing as an almost unprecedented move, the British Army has apologised for shooting dead of an innocent man in Derry forty years ago this week.
Billy Mc Grenery was shot dead by a British soldier at the top of Westland Street on September 15th 1971. The soldier who shot him claimed he thought Mr Mc Grenery was armed, and although the city’s highest ranking RUC officer at the time recommended the soldier stand trial, he was never charged.
Mr Mc Grenery’s niece and nephew have now received a letter from the Chief of General Staff of the British Army expressing deep regret, acknowledging Mr Mc Grenery’s innocence and apologising for what happened.
Pat Finucane Centre spokesperson Maggie O’Connor has been working on the case…….


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