County manager says Letterkenny has excellent water quality

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Letterkenny Town Council has been told that when water charges are introduced, the quality of water being supplied to households in the town will be closely scrutinised.
Cllr Victor Fisher raised the issue of water supplies to Mc Neely Villas in the town, where he said residents are concerned about the water quality.
County Manager Seamus Neely pointed out that tests from the Swilly Boreholes show the supply is totally safe, although it is harder than the previous supplies from Lough Salt. Mr Neely said engineers will look at specific cases where people are having problems.
Cllr Jim Lynch said charges will raise the number of questions being asked about quality, and people won’t put up with second rate supplies.
However, Seamus Neely says supplies in Letterkenny are of a high quality…….


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