Three arrested as PSNI investigate devices in Claudy

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It’s emerged that police in County Derry have arrested three men as part of an investigation into an explosion Claudy this morning. A device exploded outside a house at Ervery Road in the early hours, damaging the front door.
There was noone in the house at the time.
Three men, two 36-year-olds and one 28-year-old, are being detained for questioning.
Meanwhilw, a suspicious object is being examined at Learmont Road, also in Claudy.
There’s speculation that in both cases, ther homes of people with links to the PSNI are being targetted.
Local SDLP Councillor Thomas Conway says while speculation remains unconfirmed, it appears that for the first time in Derry, dissidents are moving their activities out of the city and in to rural areas…………


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