Campaign for Medical Education and Research Centre at LGH intensifies

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It’s reported this morning that a recent donation to Letterkenny General Hospital has kick started advanced discussions on the provision of a new Medical Education and Research Centre at Letterkenny General Hospital.
It would provide a dedicated building for the medical students from Galway who are based at Letterkenny General as part of a strategic link up between the hospital and NUIG.
HSE officials, local business people and the Friends of the Hospital are al involved in the discussions.
In the first week of January, NUI Galway’s Medical Academy at Letterkenny General Hospital was officially launched, on foot of a partnership announced in 2007.
Letterkenny General has been chosen as a step-out clinical site for the education of Medical Students from NUI Galway.
In January, 20 third year Medical Students from Galway began a full year of their training in Letterkenny, and from this month, 40 medical students in their 4th and 5th years of training will be based at Letterkenny General.
Now, the Donegal News is reporting that plans for a new education centre to accomodate the Galway students are being advanced, with a €200,000 donation recently given to the hospital by New Zealand based Donegal man Hugh Green being used to kick start the development of a new €4 million unit to house the medical facility.


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