Mitchell and Mc Guinness clash as Presidential campaign heats up

A war of words has broken out between the Fine Gael and Sinn Fein’s presidential candidate Martin McGuinness.
It comes after the Government’s Chief Whip Paul Keogh earlier posted a message on his twitter page – accusing Mr McGuinness of involvement in the Northern Bank raid.
In 2004 – over 26 million pounds was stolen from the bank in Belfast – with many pointing the finger of blame at the Provisional IRA.
Meanwhile, the Environment Minister Phil Hogan has also taken a pop at Mr. McGuinness – stating to the Sunday Independent that US Multinationals  would be “appalled” if Ireland elected a “terrorist” like Martin McGuinness to become the next President of Ireland.
Minister Hogan claims such a move would ruin Ireland’s reputation abroad and may even jeopardise the country getting more corporate investment from America.
But Mr McGuinness has described these claims as nonsense – saying that a recent trade mission which he conducted to America, resulted in hundreds of jobs being created in the North.
He also denied Paul Keogh’s allegations – saying that it’s just another example of a smear campaign by Fine Gael……….

Meanwhile, Fine Gael’s presidential candidate Gay Mitchell has accused Sinn Mr McGuinness of “lying” to the people.
He says he doesn’t believe that Martin McGuinness is still NOT involved with the IRA and that he lives on the average industrial wage.
Mr. McGuinness says he left the IRA back in the 1970s – and that his annual salary of 112 thousand pounds goes directly into a Sinn Fein bank account, out of which he is paid a subsistence.
But Gay Mitchell says he thinks this is all lies – and that the people of Ireland deserve better…………