Bog Hotel owner will appeal alcohol sale conviction

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Frosses pensioner Patsy Brogan has pledged to appeal his conviction for keeping alcohol for sale in a shed at the back of his home near Frosses.
At Donegal District Court yesterday, the 75 year old was convicted under the 1924 Intoxicating Liquor Act and fined €50 for keeping a quantity of alcohol and spirits for sale in the shed, known as the Bog Hotel, on  September 25th last year.
Donegal District Court heard evidence from a garda who had visited the premises undercover six weeks earlier, and consumed approximately five alcoholic drinks, which he offered to pay for.
When he offered to pay for the drink, Mr Brogan told him “’tis alight til you are going”. Before he left he placed a €20 note and a £5 sterling note on the counter and asked Mr Brogan if would that cover him.
He told the court Mr Brogan replied “That’s fine”.


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