Plans to implement a one way traffic system in Lifford stall

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Donegal County Council has deferred a vote on plan to implement a one way system in Lifford, after councillors accepted the concerns of a local newsagent who claimed the measure could put him out of business, with the loss of 11 jobs.
Former Mayor Cora Harvey told the meeting that while she and her party initially supported the plan, they have changed their minds based on what they’ve been told.
Fianna Fail whip Cllr Ciaran Brogan said it had been their intention to propose the system, but at the request of Cllr Gerry Crawford who represents Lifford, they would not do so, to allow discussions take place on an alterntive traffic management system.
However, a vote was demanded by Cllr Frank McBrearty, an opponent of the proposal and after some heated exchanges, it was decided to vote on the matter this afternoon after an amnedment rejecting the one way proposal is formally submitted.


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