‘Tendering deficiencies’ linked to Councillor Brogan’s company

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Donegal Co. Council has been criticised by the Local Government Auditor regarding some aspects of its Annual Financial Statement for 2010.
Concerns were raised in the report which highlighted deficiencies in the tendering process for the development of 28 turnkey houses at Meenmoree, Dungloe – a contract of just over €4.8 million.
Cllr Ciaran Brogan says he will be carefully monitoring any comments made in the council chamber about himself or the company Sark Construction which was responsible for the development.
Cllr Brogan is a director of the company.
Other issues raised in the auditor’s report include the so called “Donegal rate”, which sees some staff on Donegal County Council paid more than colleagues elsewhere, and the whole time system of work which has been the subject of ongoing debate and assessment.
County Manager Seamus Neely says he will be addressing those issues fully, and also says the financial position of the council is a lot more positive now.
Concern is expressed in the auditor’s report about the council’s deficit, and the amount owed in outstanding rates and charges. Mr Neely says the council is on track to deliver €4 million in efficiency savings this year and the monies owed are also being addressed.


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