Michael D Higgins expects to poll substantially in Donegal

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Presidential candidate Michael D Higgins says he’s expecting to poll very well in Donegal in the upcoming election.
While he is not expecting to top the poll, he does believe he will poll substantially.
The Labour candidate is on his second official visit to Donegal today, he visited Letterkenny IT earlier this morning, and is currently visiting the An Grianan Theatre. He is then due to meet with Paddy Harte, before heading on to Derry in the afternoon.
Michael D Higgins says his many connections in Donegal, should see him get a good vote.
Meanwhile, Michael D Higgins has said he believes that people in Northern Ireland should be given the right to vote in the presidential election.
The Labour candidate said that the President is a Head of State for everyone on the island of Ireland.
He also said that he believes that the President is a President for all Irish people all over the world……


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