Man jailed for posting ‘wreckless’ video 2 days after Inishowen road tragedy

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At Tipperary man who posted a video of himself driving recklessly on YouTube just two days after the death of 8 people in a crash in Inishowen has been sent to jail.
22 year-old Aaron Stanley from Nenagh, Co Tipperary, was tracked down by gardai after he appeared on YouTube recklessly driving around east Clare in a 1993 Limerick-registered Toyota Starlet last year.
The joyriding episode, which was filmed on July 14, 2010, was brought to the attention of the gardai by people who became alarmed after viewing it.
Nenagh solicitor Tony O’Malley said that as a consequence of the incident and the publicity it received last year, the defendant received a number of death threats and he had to go into hiding for a period of time.
He said the public mood at the time was very strong following the fatalities in Donegal.
Judge Aeneas McCarthy sentenced him to four months imprisonment and disqualified him for driving for the next decade.


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