An Bord Pleanala allows retention of changes to Voodoo nightlcub

Letterkenny Business man Jason Black has been granted permission by An Bord Pleanala to retain changes he made to his premises when turning it in to a nightclub.
Mr Black had to seek permission from An Bord Pleanala to retain an area of the Voodoo premises which was transformed from a Volleyball Court in to a nightclub and bar.
A Gerard Convie Planning Services had objected to the application for a retention of the changes made to the premises  on a number of grounds.
In a submission they argued that the public notice of intention to carry out the work was not public enough, that the work carried out was not clearly defined and other work was carried out for which permision was not sought.
These were suggestions strongly rejected by Mr Black.
Taking into consideration submission from Mr Black and Gerard Convie Planning Services, An Bord Pleanala granted permission for retention of the development under a number of conditions.
These include but not exclusively, that the smoking area be only used in conjunction with the nighclub and not on its own, a second floor mezzanine be removed or a retention application be lodged and access to the premises be permitted from designated doors only.
The nightclub and bar must also adhere to set noise levels at certain times and install soundproofing where required.


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