Donegal has the most speed cameras in Ireland

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New figures show that Gardai are spending €45,000 a day  just to maintain the country’s network of speed cameras, with the majority of that money being spent in Donegal.
As a result, this year the taxpayer will foot a €16.2m bill to maintain the network of cameras across Ireland.
In November 2009, gardai put the provision of speed cameras out to private tender to tackle the endemic problem of excessive speeding which has been a major factor in road fatalities in Ireland.
Donegal has the highest number of speed camera locations, according to An Garda Siochana and the Road Safety Authority.
Donegal has 63 camera sites in 52 designated zones; Cork has 62 sites in 48 zones; Meath has 52 sites in 30 zones and Dublin has 19 sites in 37 zones. In total, there are 750 camera sites and 518 zones.
Speed cameras operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Analysis of the sites is ongoing and the locations may change over time.


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