Teenager appears in Court in Derry on sexual offences charges

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Derry Magistrate’s Court has heard that an 18-year-old entered the bedroom of a 9-year-old girl with intent to commit sexual offences.
Connor O’Kane of 1, Scroggy Close in Limavady was charged with burglary with intent to commit sexual offences on October 2nd and November 5th this year.
He also faced a charge of making threats to kill on November 5th and sexual touching of a child on October 2nd.
The court was told that on October 4th, police received a report that a 9-year-old had told her mother a man had entered her bedroom and rubbed her back when she was asleep in bed. The girl had woken up but her mother thought it was a dream.
On Saturday last, police received another report of a male entering the child’s room again.
The court heard that since the incident in October the child had not slept in her own room and was sharing a room with her older sister. Both girls woke up and the older girl followed the man out on to the landing where he made a threat to kill her.


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