Government to confirm postponement of A5 today

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The government willl confirm today that it will not be in a position to honour its commitment to the A5 dual carraigeway project linking Aughnacloy and Derry in the lifetime of the current capital programme.
Transport MInister Leo Varadker told the Dail last evening that the government remains commited to the project, and this is a readjustment of the timeframe, not a mothballing of the plan.
However, in the Dail last night, Donegal North East Deputy Padraig Mac Lochlainn rounded on the government, saying it will honour promises to bondholders, speculators and gamblers, but won’t honour a  solemn promise to the people of the North West…………

Junior Minister Brian Hayes said the government has no choice but to prop up the financial system so it can return to the financial markets and regain economic independence.
He said the government’s hands are tied, and that’s whyaother adjustments have to be made…….


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