Derry man to be sentenced for sex offences

A 52-year-old Derry man has been told to expect a ‘significant custodial sentnece’ after he admitted 18 sex offences against four girls aged between 14 and 16.
Martin Edward Coyle of 55, Bridge Street appeared at Derry Crown Court yesterday on 5 charges of indecent assault, 4 counts of gross indecency, 2 charges of unlawful carnal knowledge and 7 counts of indecent assault on a child.
All the offences against the four victims took place between January 1 2008 and May 1 2008.
The court was told that all the victims were vulnerable young women with significant problems in their backgrounds.
The bulk of the offences occurred in Coyle’s Bridge Street home where he supplied the girls with alcohol and cigarettes.
The court heard that he kept a large bottle of vodka on an optic in the house.
It was said that all the victims were ‘voluntary visitors’ to the house and that alcohol was consumed by everyone.
When arrested Coyle made admissions to the offences.
Prosecuting counsel said that there offences were aggravated by the age differences between the parties and by the fact that Coyle made no attempt to ascertain what age the girls were.
Judge Piers Grant adjourned sentencing of Coyle until next Friday and he remanded him in custody after warning him he will face a significant custodial sentence.