Donegal Inquest hears how man died having purchased morphone online

A Donegal inquest jury has called for urgent legislation to stop illicit drugs being available on the Internet.
They made the call in Donegal Town at an inquest into the death of man who bought a 500 milligramme bottle of liquid morphine online.
24 year old Conor Goodway died after drinking three quarters of the bottle, which killed him when combined with a sedative which he had also taken.
Mr Goodway’s partner, mother-of-three Nadine Bennett, told Coroner Dr Diarmuid Hegarty that it was the first time the dead man ever used morphine.
She said he bought the morphine over the Internet and she tried to stop him taking it but he said he needed it with his other tablets. He was on anti-depressants and Valium.
Mr Goodway died overnight on May 20 at his home in Ratheeney Park, Laghey, Co. Donegal.
The coroner told the jury that the morphine was a strictly-controlled drug. He said: medicines like that could be bought over the Internet and were not subject to the controls they ordinarily would be.
He noted there was a very high level of morphine in the blood – 0.21 micrograms.- and it had combined with benzodiazepine.
The jury returned an open verdict and added a rider calling for stricter controls on drugs bought over the Internet.
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