Man loses damages claim following martial arts injury in Letterkenny

A former weightlifting champion who claimed he was unable to work because of injuries suffered during a jujitsu martial art session in Letterkenny has lost a High Court action for damages.
40 year Neil Bradley of Lammy Walk, Omagh, Co Tyrone, had sued Letterkenny Community Centre and Josie Murray, a jujitsu champion who provided classes there.
He told the court the injuries occurred on November 22nd, 2005.
Mr Bradley said that as he was involved in a move with an opponent, mats that had been locked together moved and his foot went between them.
He said as he tried to return his right leg to the ground, he suddenly felt something in his knee and fell down in “unbelievable” pain, he said. He went into hospital for surgery six days later but his leg was not right afterwards. He had to wear a foot splint, there was no upward movement and he had problems with ankle, knee and hip, with further surgery possible.
In his judgment, Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill said he was satisfied the mats used were the standard type and entirely suitable. He also noted that no mention was made of the mats by Mr Bradley in his initial claim in 2006.
He said Mr Bradley had sustained a most unfortunate and serious disability, but not due to any negligence or breach of duty on the part of the defendants.
Mr Justice O’Neill dismissed the claim, but granted a stay on the order in the event of an appeal.


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