Omagh earmarked for jobs in proposed NI Health Adminstration shake up

Hundreds of administration staff in the North’s health service could be forced to move as part of a major plan to reorganise how services are run.
Four centres of expertise are to be created across Northern Ireland, one of them in Omagh.
The Department of Health at Stormont hopes to make savings of around £100m in 10 years.
The BBC is reporting this morning that 100 posts will go in the coming years as the Department of Health moves to centralise administration into four centres of expertise. In total, the move will affect around 500 people.
At present there are five different administrative offices for the individual boards.
Staff who currently work in the Western Health Trust’s pay roll department in Derry will be expected to travel to Belfast – which will become the new pay roll centre.
Meanwhile, all human resources staff will be based in Armagh, finance payments in Ballymena and finance income in Omagh.
Staff who do not want to move will be offered retraining, or in some cases, voluntary redundancy.


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