100 mph winds hit Donegal

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Winds of up to 100 mph have been lashing Donegal since early morning, with gardai and the Road Safety Authority urging caution on the roads. Trees and telegraph poles are down in a number of areas, and there are reports of trampolines and other items being blown from gardens onto roads.
Offshore islands have been feeling the brunt of the winds, with no ferries and schools closed on Arranmore Island.
Up to 1,500 homes were without power in the county at the height of the storm. The worst problems were recorded in the Rosses and Bloody Foreland. with sparodic faults in other areas. ESB say all the issues are being addressed.
Speaking on the Shaun Doherty Shoe today, Chief Forecaster with Met Eireann Gerard Fleming said the winds will begin to ease by 3 o’clock this afternoon.
However, he said wintry showers will increase in the coming days, and while significant accumulations of snow are unlikely, it will be very cold…………….


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