Man arrested in connection with Strabane St.Patrick’s Day stabbings

Police in Strabane are today preparing to question a 46-year-old man in connection with a quadruple stabbing in the town on St Patrick’s Day.
The man was arrested by the Metropolitan Police in London on Tuesday night.
Members of the PSNI travelled to England yesterday to take the suspect into Northern Ireland custody.
The man who is helping police with their inquiries will be questioned in Strabane later today.
Victims of the St Patrick’s Day stabbings have been notified of the arrest and it’s understood an identity parade will be staged over the coming days.
Four men in total were stabbed in the March attack outside Joe’s Bar in Abercorn Square.
One of the men was the bar owner who received a deep stab wound to his hand.
Two of the other men who were stabbed were brothers in their twenties from the town who worked in the bar.
The 26-year-old brother received 200 stitches after being slashed from his shoulder to his waist, while the 28-year-old received wounds an inch deep.
At the time of the stabbing their father said the two were lucky to be alive.