Deputy McConalogue told that school jobs cuts won’t be reversed

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The Government will not be reversing it’s decision to remove 428 posts allocated to disadvantaged schools around the country.
The rules on class sizes under the Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools programme  are to be changed and will see disadvantaged schools class sizes increase to 22 pupils.
In the Dail last night Donegal North-East Deputy, Charlie McConalogue called on the Government to reverse their decision.
He says as a result of this decision, many schools in Donegal would suffer:

But the Education Minister Ruari Quinn said the decision couldnt be reversed.
He said a number of teaching posts would be held in reserve to reduce the impact to schools most acutely affected.
And he said the Department of Education would examine staffing arrangements on a case by case basis to ensure the changes to staffing arrangements would be minimised as much as possible:



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