Donegal North-East Deputy Joe McHugh defends household charge

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Donegal North-East Deputy, Joe McHughs defending the impending 100 euro household charge, saying it amounts to just 2 euro per week, which will go towards funding vital local authority services.
The issue led to heated Dáil exchanges earlier,  after it emerged those who don’t pay will face a fine of 2,500 euro.
It follows calls from Donegal Deputy Thomas Pringle for people to support a campaign not to pay the new €100 Household Charge or any charges for septic tanks either.
Deputy Joe McHugh says Deputy Pringle is taking the populist approach.
He says there’s no turning back on this charge, but the Government will have to look at a sensible way of bringing in the charge, and they must ensure that they don’t introduce flat charges for every household.
Deputy McHugh also said that the charge will have to go toward local authority services…


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