Haddock, Bore and Herring quotas key for Donegal at EU Fisheries Council

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The Killybegs Fisherman’s Organisation is urging the Government to challenge catch quotas proposed for next year by the European Commission.
The annual EU Fisheries Council is under way in Brussels with most Donegal Fishermen focused on negotiations on Herring, Bore and Haddock proposals.
Bore fish numbers are up 250% off the northwest coast but the commission is proposing a quota cut of 25% for Ireland’s fleet, there is an increase in Herring stock but again, the commission is proposing a cut of 25% in the allowable catch.
Haddock is seen as a key species for Donegal fishermen in 2012 but despite a 400% increase in numbers, the EU commission is proposed just a 25% increase in the quota.
Head of the KFO, Sean O’Donoghue says that is not acceptable and will be counterproductive:


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