Safety works begin at collapsed Derry wall

Stabalisation works are getting underway at Marlborough Terrace in Derry where a wall collapsed at the weekend
Derry City Council met with a specialist engineering contractor today after Environment Minister Alex Attwood provided quarter of a million pounds last evening for immediate remedial work.
In the meantime, people in the affected area are being urged to stay away from their back lanes and back gardens.
The council says that for the moment, the contractors will concentrate on the immediate areas of risk of collapse along the retaining wall and the reconnection of waste pipes.
The physical clearance of the area has commenced and the majority of priority areas will be concluded ahead of Christmas. The council will continue to monitor the situation.
In the longer term, the council says it will continue to liaise with residents and help with progressing discussions with insurance companies for the long-term replacement of the retaining wall in Marlborough Terrace.
Conmsent forms have been circulated to residents to allow the stabilisation works to progress, they’re being asked to sign and return those forms as quickly as possible.
Local Councillor John Boyle says residents have been dealing with this in a very responsible manner, and he’s urging them to continue in that manner over the Christmas period ……….


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