Santa’s visit to Mullaghmore delayed because of hoax

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It’s emerged that Santa’s arrival to Mullaghmore on board the Bundoran lifeboat last Sunday was delayed because of what’s believed to have been a hoax call.
Santa eventually arrived at the Sligo pier after the rescue mission was stood down.
The RNLI say that just as the four person Bundoran Lifeboat crew were about to embark on their trip to Mullaghmore with Santa, they were diverted and tasked to an alleged incident in Donegal Town where, following a phone call to the Coast Guard at Malin Head, it was believed that four people were in an upturned boat near the quay in the town.
The lifeboat sped to the scene, as did the Sligo based Rescue 118 Helicopter and the Killybegs Coastguard. However, as they reached the scene, the call was declared a hoax and they were stood down.
A spokesperson said it’s sad that people still get a kick out of making hoax calls to the rescue services, and on this occasion, not one, but three services were tasked, making them all unavailable had a real emergency occurred elsewhere.


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