Updated:Claims of assaullt as budget meeting is disrupted by protesters

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Protesters in Council chamber

Donegal County Council’s budget meeting has been disrupted after dozens of protesters stormed the chamber with claims that some councillors were both verbally and physically assaulted.
The Can’t Pay Won’t Pay protesters had called on councilors to come out of the meeting to address the crowd. When they did not, 2 dozen protesters entered the chamber with placards chanting ‘We won’t pay’
A number of protesters addressed the meeting with a loud speaker before inviting councillors who support them to leave the meeting with them.
Councillors were challenged to show ‘whose side they were on’ – Shouts of ‘the game is up’ could also be heard.
Labour Councillor Frank McBrearty has claimed to have been physically assaulted while at least two other councillors are said to have been subjected to verbal abuse.


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