Thousands stole from bank accounts in Donegal computer scam

Gardai in Letterkenny have confirmed they are investigating a computer scam after four bank accounts were raided of thousands of euro by Nigerian fraudsters.
It is the first such scam of its kind in Donegal.
Gardai in Letterkenny confirmed that at least four bank accounts had been targeted in the phishing scam, and efforts were underway to see how many more had been hit across the County.
Garda Superintendent Vincent O’Brien appealed to people to check their accounts of they bank on-line.
He explained that the gang use random numbers to access people’s laser cards and initially take just a couple of euro out to pay a small bill to another company.
But once the gang know they have access to the account then they begin to take out larger and larger amounts of cash.
Gardai are working with officers from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation as a part of a major investigation spanning a number of countries.
Anyone who suspects their bank account has been targeted should get in contact with their banks immediately.


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