IDA report net gain of over 200 North West jobs in 2011

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New figures from the IDA show that 13 thousand jobs were created last year by companies they support.
Nearly 500 new jobs were created in the North West in 2011, with the agency pledging to continue seeking 50% of all investment in the regions.
The figures released today show that in the North West, there were 5,300 people employed in IDA supported companies. Over the course of 2011, there were 477 new jobs created in the region, and 272 jobs lost, leading to a net gain of 205.
There are no specific Donegal figures available, but we understand Pramerica and United Healthcare in Letterkenny were significant contributors to that increase, with United opening a new HQ in Letterkenny and hinting that further expansion may be on the cards in 2012.
Nationally, there was a net increase of 6000 jobs, the most positive ratio in a decade.


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