PSNI say extensive investigation found no evidence of Waterside explosion

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Police in Derry say they have found no evidence of an explosion in the Waterside area on Tuesday evening.
A number of homes were evacuated in the Spencer Road and Fountain Hill areas after the blast was reported shortly after 5 o’clock on Tuesday. Much of the cordon was lifted yesterday, and the final cordon around the Quarry Steps was lifted this afternoon after police said an extensive search had produced nothing to suggest an explosion had take place.
In a statement this afternoon, police say they know that a lorry sustained two tyre blow outs in John Street around the time of the initial reports, and this resulted in some damage to windows in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.
However, they say the majority of calls came from the Waterside, and many people they spoke to reported a bomb explosion – one caller stated that debris had fallen on the building of a local business and others said that their windows and houses shook. Police also had to take into account a report of masked men in Dunfield Terrace.
Police say they took the necessary steps to thoroughly investigate the reports and keep the public safe, and are paying tribute to residents and business owners directly affected by the investigation.
However, they conclude the cause of the reported explosion remains unclear, and unless further information comes to light, they have now exhausted all available lines of enquiry.


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