Harry Clarke painting returned to St Eunan’s Cathedral following 20K restoration

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A fresco painted by the renowned church artist Harry Clarke has been restored to its former glory after decades buried under layers of peeling paint.
The Irish Independent reports how the gilded painting of an angel was hidden on the wall of St Eunan’s Cathedral in Letterkenny for 60 years, until it was uncovered by astonished workmen during recent renovation work.
Experts have peeled away the six layers of thick paint to expose the  image of an angel, using new technology they were able to match the original paintwork.
The painting was made byDublin artist in 1930, shortly before his death from TB in 1931 aged 41.
The painting is hung on the wall at the back of the cathedral’s altar in an area known as Our Lady’s Altar.
Included among the new materials needed for the €20,000 restoration was a consignment of 23-and-three-quarter-carat gold Italian paint.
The angel will be included in new walking tours of Letterkenny this summer.


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