Glasgow police ‘puzzled’ by Inishowen man’s murder

Police admit they are puzzled by the ‘motiveless’ murder of Inishowen man William McKeeney in Glasgow street
William McKeeney was just yards from his flat when he was the victim of a “sustained and violent” attack by two men.
The 57 year old, originally from Malin Head,  had moved to Glasgow a few years ago after working as a lorry driver in Inishowen for many years.
William McKeeney had called his partner Annemarie to tell her he was on his way home from the pub.
But she later heard a disturbance outside and saw two men “jumping up and down on the street”. It is believed that they were stamping on William.
She only found out it was her partner who had been attacked when she went outside.
Police said Annemarie, 48, was “completely traumatised”
The suspects are Asian and, although police have not ruled out a racial motive, the reason they targeted the popular labourer remains a mystery.
Detective Chief Inspector David Gailey, who is leading the investigation, said Mr McKeeney was a really popular individual and  went out of his way to assist number of members of the community on a day-to-day basis.
Mr Gailey said there was no CCTV coverage in Melville Street but officers were examining footage from nearby cameras.
Local MSP Nicola Sturgeon visited the murder scene yesterday – The Deputy First Minister said she hoped that whoever is responsible for is brought to justice as soon as possible.