Sinn Fein describes Donegal Councillor’s departure as regrettable

The Sinn Fein Party has described the news that one of their councillor in Donegal has left the party as regrettable.
Ballyshannon Town Councillor Rosaleen Branley released a statement today saying she was leaving the party because, as a woman, her voiced was not being listened too.
Today’s announcement comes after a Sinn Fein investigation surrounding an assault case in which Councillor Branley was cleared.
In October when she was found not guilty but Sinn Féin initiated an investigation into comments made during that court case by the District Judge.
In a statement released today Cllr Branley does not directly reference the case.
She points out that on the sad passing of her father, Cllr. PJ Branley she was approached by the local Sinn Féin party to carry on the work of  my father
In the following election, the people of Ballyshannon re-elected Cllr Branley and she topped the poll on the first count.
However the Councillor says it soon became evident that a female voice in Ballyshannon was not treated to seriously and divisions appeared – in our party of equals.”
Responding that Chairperson of the Connacht/Ulster Sinn Féin , Eamonn Nolan said the resignation of Cllr Rosaleen Branley from the party was regrettable
He added that Sinn Féin is committed to serving the people of Ballyshannon and will continue to do so through our constituency offices in Donegal South West and through our TD for the area, Pearse Doherty.