Mayor demands apology over Fianna Fail St Patrick’s day trip claims

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The Mayor of Donegal has rejected out of hand allagations that he and the Fine Gael party tried to sanction a St Patrick’s Day trip for the Mayor behind Councillor’s backs.
Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein have accused Fine Gael of attempted to sanction the ocerseas trip for the Mayor Noel McBride, his Deputy, Barry O’Neill and a council official in the Council Chamber after the council’s monthly meeting concluded.
Fianna Fail’s Brendan Byrne has condemned Fine Gael’s handling of the situation:
Responding, Councillor Noel McBride says he intended to raise the issue of a St Patrick’s Day trip under Mayor’s business but forgot.
He has rejected Councillor Byrne’s accusations and demanded an apology:


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