Polish Embassy says article on woman claiming benefits contains many inaccuracies

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An article in today’s Irish Independent has caused quite a stir – claiming that a Polish woman is living the good life on the dole in Donegal.
But members of the Polish Community have moved to clarify the matter – saying ‘Magda’ – the woman named in the article – has been misquoted.
The Polish Embassy says the article contains many inaccuracies and that in the article Magda actually says that she has a big problem with being unemployed and doesn’t want to live off the Irish State and for that reason is using her assistance to help her set up her own business.
In a statement, the Polish Ambassador said he hopes the Irish people realised the work ethic and values of the Polish community and that these attributes are inaccurately presented in this article.
Anna Kupczek is a Polish national living in Ireland.
She read the article – and agrees – it has not been translated properly:


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