Hundreds watch online launch of “The Donegal Gathering”

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Hundreds of people from across the globe last night watched the online launch of the Donegal Gathering project.
The Gathering will be a series of events in the coming months to strengthen the link between Donegal and the disapora, invite people back to the county for a series of events, and continue to explore what business and investment opportunities may exist in both directions.
Clannad’s Moya Brennan was the main guest at the function which was watched by people from Sydney to Hong Kong to New York, and all points in between.
The online launch launch was preceded by a conference on how best to reach out to the disapora. Among the speakers at that event was Kingsley Aikens of Disapora Matters.
He told the Gathering launch that “Donegal” is a very strong brand………..

A replay of the launch is available on


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