Another neglected donkey found in Donegal

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The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) has warned it is continuing to encounter widespread equine welfare issues despite the winter weather being mild.
Last week the society rescued five donkeys in three separate counties including one described by an inspector as being “by far the worst case of donkey neglect” seen in his time with the organisation.
A 7-year-old brown donkey mare with overgrown hooves, severe rain scald, lice and worms was recovered in Co Donegal. The ISPCA said it is preparing a file for submission to the DPP.
Two other donkeys were recovered in Co Sligo. A white 7-year-old stallion, was described as being “terribly lame with horrendous hooves”, in very poor condition, and with severe rain scald. While a two-year-old brown colt, was emaciated and anaemic with overgrown deformed hooves.
A further two donkeys were found abandoned in a forest in Co Kildare. ISPCA inspector Brendan Hughes said the hooves of both donkeys had been cut back with a saw or angle grinder and they had not received proper farrier treatment.
All the donkeys are currently recovering in the National Animal Centre.


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