RAAD claim repsonsibility for murder of Andrew Allen in Buncrana

Republican Action Against Drugs have today claimed responsibility for killing Derry man Andrew Allen in Buncrana two weeks ago.
The 24 year-old was shot dead at his home in Link’s View, Buncrana on Thursday February 9.
In a statement released to the ‘Derry Journal’ this morning using a recognised codeword, RAAD said its “Donegal unit” carried out the murder, alleging that the Waterside father-of-two was a “death dealer” and “career” criminal.
The group also claimed Mr Allen was using RAAD’s name to “scare other drug dealers and also extort money from weaker criminals.”
They claimed he had been warned to “cease his activities five to six months ago” but had not taken advantage of “RAAD’s amnesty”.
RAAD have also issued threats against six other unnamed individuals and warned they would face “the ultimate sanction.”
The vigilante group claimed it was forced to call off a second attack on the night of the murder because of increased police activity in the city.
The RAAD statement also claimed it is continuing to offer an amnesty to anyone involved in drug dealing.
Andrew Allen’s killing is the first murder carried out by RAAD, who have carried out numerous punishment style shootings across the north west.