County Manager outlines council’s financial position

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Donegal County Council has shed the equivalent of 395 full-time staff since 2008, according to figures released this week.
The number of staff employed by the local authority stood at 1,243 in June 2008, but the figure for February 2012 is now just 848 – a reduction of 32%.
The local authority here has slashed its day-to-day current expenditure in recent years from a peak of €176 million to €153 million last year.
One of the biggest areas of savings has come in terms of reduced employment numbers, which has led to big payroll reductions, payroll costs for Donegal Co. Council have dropped from €68.17 million in 2008 to €53.09 million in 2011, a fall of 22%.
The cost of council pensions has risen slightly, from €6.19 million to €6.88 million.
County Manager Seamus Neely defended the local authority’s recent dealings in terms of financial affairs……


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