Traffic Inspector says “unacceptable” mobile phone use must stop

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The use of mobile phones while driving is to be the focus of the next  Donegal Road Safety Working Group campaign, with a garda enforcement campaign running alongside it.
Inspector Michael Harrison told Highland Radio News today that there is an unacceptably high level of mobile phone use by drivers in Donegal, particularly around Letterkenny.
Inspector Harrison also welcomed a recent report that there’s been a significant decrease in the number of material damage collisions in Donegal, saying that while the downward trend in fatal collisions has been the rightful focus of attention, the fall in the overall number of crashes shows driver behaviour is really changing…….

The road safety group A-Ceart has welcomed the focus on mobile phones, Chairperson Mary Clinton says this has been a particular bugbear of her’s, and it distresses her to see people driving while speaking into phones.


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